Application of Big Data

This is about on world famous ecom site. According to 2017 year the company generates average of 2.2 million invoices per day. Image how much data is that. If we take for 2 years then it would be in trillions. How to handle all these data? So big data comes in picture.

Big data is the handling of huge volume of data. Data can be of different variety. It could be in file or in databases or in any form. Also the velocity of the data is also very high. Big Data is used in almost all fields. It is used in retail, medical, health care banking, etc. Today without big data none of the industry works.

 How to learn big Data?

Here comes BigDataCourseChennai. The courses and curriculum are carefully framed such a way that is suits today’s needs. They have wide range of courses offered in the Bigdata one can choose the path as per their interest. It is also suitable for those who does not have knowledge on programming. The students are trained such a way that when a real problem comes they know how to use all big data tools with it.

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