Application of Data Science

There is a saying ,”You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data”. As said in the above quotes there are data available in all the fields. We use data science algos and techniques to process the data.

What happens when you search a topic in Google or yahoo or in any search engine. It gives lot of search results. How it does the search result comes? It is one of the applications of data science. Today the data science is applied in almost all the fields.

Application of Data Science

When you buy an item in Flipkart, Amazon or in any e-com site, it gives recommendation based on your search. You get odd probability of winning in football match or cricket match. The Political Analyst predicts exit polls after the elections. All our mails are classified in our Gmail account are
classified into primary promotion or social. We might not know that how these things are happening? All these are application of data science. Today it is used in all the fields and all the applications.

Where the data science are being used ?

The answer is data science is used in more than 150 application. It is used in almost in all the fields like stock market, medical , healthcare finance, logistics, energy etc. The application fields and types are very broad.. One of the application is prediction. We all like to know what would be profit/gain before investing some money/time into it. Data science algos would train the model and would help in forecasting. It also helps to solve numerous business problems.

How to learn data science?

BigDataCoursesChennai comes handy. We help to learn the the basics of Data science and its applications. . The courses and curriculum are carefully framed such a way that is suits today’s needs. It wide range of courses offered in the big data and AI and data science field. One can choose the path as per their interest. The courses is also suitable for those who does not have knowledge on programming. The students are trained to use data science in real time applications. We can be connected through any of the listed modes. Our trainers here will comprehend about the available courses and guide you through your career.

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